Risk Assessment and Management

Focusing mostly on the credit and liquidity risks that a business encounters we provide credit insurance solutions so the Insured can have peace of mind when it comes to collecting any balances due in case of an insolvent buyer and we propose a set of financing options available that will assist your company maintain adequate cash to meet its obligations.

Craving to being challenged, we help the companies and the organisations to place special risks that are not easily offered by the conventional insurance companies. Even more importantly, we secure the intellectual support as well as the technical knowledge that is required to arrange a special risk contract.

We guide the client throughout the submission of a claim, explaining step by step the procedure and assist him to disclose any material facts when completing the relative forms so they feel comfortable that they treated fairly by their collaborators especially during the time that an unfortunate event takes place.

Supporting the company’s operations when growing your business in Cyprus by providing insight for the factors affecting the business environment and consulting whether an investment in the insurance industry would be viable based on our vast experience and market knowledge in the corresponding sector.

Aiming to secure the best available options from the local or international markets we maintain a valuable network of collaborators that are willing to support your company’s needs and to generate beneficial synergies, unveiling opportunities that will invigorate your business model and pave the way for future success.