Individual Insurance

We recognize that insurance is not just a single transaction but a promise to deliver when a misfortune occurs and therefore, we take pride in helping you throughout the full life cycle of your policy.

The home insurance policy covers your home meaning the building and its contents against unexpected and accidental losses resulting from natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, storm, and other named perils such as burst of pipes, malicious damage and theft or attempted theft. In addition, the policy extends to provide cover for public liability which protects the homeowner against claims emanating from his legal liability towards the third parties. Also, according to the selected scheme, the policy reimburses the Insured with specific amounts to assist him recovering promptly from the loss sustained, such as relocation expenses, lock replacement and loss of rent. We have a deep understanding of how important is to choose the suitable home insurance package and you can count on us to find on your behalf the scheme that will put your mind at ease and protect sufficiently the place you call home.

The motor insurance primarily covers the Insured against the financial losses a third party suffers resulting from a car accident involving the insured driver. Under the EU law all the vehicle owners should arrange a third-party liability motor insurance against personal injury, or death or damages caused by their vehicle. The Cypriot law stipulates the minimum amounts required to be referred in a legitimate motor insurance certificate, which are €36.350.000 for death or injury per incident and €1.220.000 for third party damages per incident. Comprehensive cover is also available for compensating for own losses when you are held responsible for an accident or damages resulting from natural disasters and other named perils. As the amounts covered are on the high side it is of great essence to collaborate with an Insurer that has the capital capacity to respond efficiently when an accident occurs.

Employer’s Liability insurance covers damages, compensation costs and legal fees that a current or ex-employee is entitled to resulting from death, disease, illness or bodily injury that may have been caused while working for your business. It became compulsory in Cyprus on November 1, 1997 and minimum insured limits are determined.

The minimum limits of indemnity imposed by law are the following:
For each employee: €160,000
Per event or series of events: €3,415,000
Aggregate limit any one period of insurance: €5,125,000

However, higher limits can be provided upon request of the Insured depending on the nature of the respective business.

After the establishment and the operation of the National Health System in Cyprus the required cover is limited to corpse repatriation expenses in the unfortunate event of the death of the foreign employee. However, more comprehensive schemes are provided from the market that include in and out hospitalization expenses in case of an illness or an accident and childbirth benefits. If the worker is responsible for heavy tasks of high risk it is recommended to take out a medical policy securing immediate access to medical treatment in urgent cases.

Personal Accident insurance is designed to pay out compensation in case of suffering from a serious injury or death resulting from an unforeseen accident. It offers critical financial support to the Insured in case of disabilities related to the accident taking different forms such as medical expenses, income benefit for a period of time depending on the inability of the insured to perform his work duties and treatment expenses. Considering that the cost of a health insurance policy can be unattractive, this policy is the next best solution to retaining your financial status and coping with family bills after a serious accident.

Life insurance provides financial support to your family and in particular the designated beneficiary in the event of your demise, ensuring a financial comfort to your beloved ones in the most difficult time so they are in the position to maintain their living standards and/or to pay mortgage costs. Depending on your needs, after conducting the proper financial analysis the covered amount is determined together with the suitable life insurance scheme which can be a combination of life and retirement plan. Any time is a good time to arrange a life insurance but particular life events amplify the related benefits to the most, as officialising the relationship with your partner, buying a house or expecting a new baby.

Medical insurance or health insurance covers the reasonable medical expenses incurred from an illness or an injury. A monthly premium is paid in return and can vary by choosing between different schemes and deductibles. In many cases the care provider is paid directly as the exams performed are agreed prior to their execution. You can secure yourself and your dependants by purchasing a suitable medical scheme that provides international cover and 24hours helpline assistance which can give you access to medical treatment regardless of when and where the cover will be triggered.

Travel Insurance provides financial protection from risks and losses than can occur while travelling. The covered losses vary from delayed suitcases to trip cancellations and medical emergency. Arranging this insurance prior travelling will give you confidence to cope efficiently with critical and unexpected situations happening during your trip abroad.

Yacht insurance protects the owner against indemnity liability claims or property damages affiliated to sailing a yacht. The policy reimburses depending on the indemnification method selected when arranging the insurance and the terms and conditions applying in the contract while operating within the context of the Maritime Law. As every yacht differs and every sea adventure is unique, a variety of bespoken insurance solutions are offered to meet the specific needs. Our role is to assist you pick the one that fits best with your interests.